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NODQ&AV - Samoa Joe facing John Cena, potential double turn at Wrestlemania 33, and more topics discussed. [ Watch the video ]
Hulk Hogan contract from WCW leaks online
"Dead Wrestler Beach" animated music video
A kid's epic reaction to getting WWE tickets
Footage of The Rock's first wrestling promo
Fun video of Cesaro cleaning house at live event
Rift reviews Bad Blood 2004 to No Way Out 2005
Flair calls Finn Balor "Fit Finlay" by mistake
D-Von... get the burgers!
Eat, Sleep, Don't Compete (Lesnar Diss)
Del Rio's theme song on Mario Paint
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  • New Name Rumored For 2017 WWE HOF
  • Becky/Mickie Feud; Angle Working Rumble Match?
  • X-Pac Rips Into Randy Orton Fan
  • Jericho Reveals Original WrestleMania 32 Plans
  • HBK On Who He'd Have One More Match Against
  • JR On Goldberg/Lesnar Being For Major Title
  • New Favorite To Win The Royal Rumble
  • The IC And U.S. Titles Getting New Designs?
  • WWE References Kenny Omega/Royal Rumble
  • AJ Styles Gets Robbed During Live Event
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  • Are The Hardys Leaving Impact Wrestling?
  • TNA Name Being Dropped; Knockout Departure
  • Update On Jarrett/Dutch Being Back In TNA
  • Wrong Episode Of Impact Wrestling Aired
  • Impact Wrestling Spoilers For 2/16/17
  • Perry Saturn Needs Your Help
  • Latest On Drew Galloway's TNA Status
  • Daniels Comments On Retirement
  • Impact Wrestling Spoilers For 2/9/17
  • Impact Wrestling Spoilers For 2/2/17
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  • Linda McMahon seen at Trump inauguration
  • Bernie Sanders "run-in" at Trump inauguration
  • NoDQ&AV #907: Joe facing Cena
  • HHH and Stephanie at Trump dinner
  • Trish Stratus gives birth to second child
  • Photo of Jericho from different eras with titles
  • Talk Wrestling: State of brand extension
  • Hogan shows his support for Donald Trump
  • Kenny Omega talks about his status in wrestling
  • Kurt Angle on ESPN discussing WWE HOF
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  • Who should Angle have one more match with?
  • Did Snuka deserve a video tribute?
  • 1/16/17 RAW vs. 1/17/17 Smackdown Live
  • What did you think of the 1/17/17 SD Live?
  • Who should induct Angle into WWE HOF?
  • What did you think of the 1/16/17 RAW?
  • What did you think of the UK Title tournament?
  • The better overall performer: Reigns or Luger?
  • 1/9/17 RAW vs. 1/10/17 Smackdown Live
  • What did you think of the 1/10/17 SD Live?
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  • The X-Factor: The road to Orlando begins
  • JT's Positives & Negatives In The Week Of Wrestling
  • TNA Impact Wrestling Review/Results
  • Jay's Ways - Most Underrated Wrestler Of 2016
  • Jay's Ways - Fan Questions & Rumble Pick
  • Jay's Ways - Most Overrated Wrestler Of 2016
  • The John Report: WWE Smackdown Live Review 01/17/17
  • WWE SmackDownLIVE Review/Results
  • Jay's Ways - Best Match Of 2016
  • The John Report: The WWE Raw Deal 01/16/17
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